After an outreach worker has succeeded in getting a bachur to agree to go to a yeshiva, which yeshiva should he go to? This is a tremendously important decision, as misplacements can result in spiritual decline. The challenges that these bachurim face are often not dealt with in regular yeshivos.

They require a different atmosphere, emphasis on different issues and a lot of attention and care.  Placing a boy or girl in yeshiva is an incomparably difficult job,  an Acheinu outreach worker told us.  Placement has been one of Acheinu’s biggest challenges.

Acheinu s growing yeshiva system is a credit to the vision and wisdom of HaGaon HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman, shlita, who urged Acheinu to open a yeshiva geared specifically to these bochurim.

In the first year, just 28 boys were accepted and only Rebbeim with special talents for teaching this type of student were hired. Similarly, the Mashgiach of the yeshiva invests special effort into forming a bond with each student. In addition to the regular staff, the yeshiva has hired avreichim as one-on-one mentors so that each talmid has someone to relate to personally.

Each avreich works in coordination with the administrator to set goals, provide inspiration and help meet academic goals. The aim is to set a very high standard of learning in the yeshiva, while maintaining a calm and warm environment, without stress or competitiveness. It has been proven that bachurim who are able to make the momentous step of enrolling in yeshiva on their own, excel in a challenging environment. Part of the program includes weekly chaburos given by the bachurim, an innovation even for  mainstream  yeshivos.


Nesivos Moshe (Kedima)
Neve Tzvi (Beit Shemesh)
Chorev (Netanya)
Sh’arei Tzion (Ramle)
Sinai (Yavne)
Yesodei HaTorah (Re’anana)
Peleh Yoetz (Ashkelon)
Ner Shmuel (Cholon)
M’pi Olelim (Cholon)
Yeshurun (Kiryat Malachi)
Beis Dovid (Cholon)
Ateres Chaim (Kfar Saba)
Ohr Shlomo (Kiryat Gat)
Torani – Ramot (Yerushalayim)
Emes V shalom (Kiryat Gat)
Wolfson Herzelia (Herzelia)
Yosef Lekach (pisgat Ze’ev)
Be’er Mayim Chaim (Be’er Sheva)
Yesodei HaTorah (Rosh Ha’ayin)
Rashi (Tel Aviv)
lema’an Achay (Yerushalayim)
Chazon Yeshayahu (Yerushalayim)
Ohr Shalom (ohr Akiva)
Sha’arei Torah (Yerushalayim)
Michtav Me’Eliyahu (Ohr Yehuda)
Meshivas Nefesh (Bnei Tikva)
Tallilei Chaim (Ramle)
B’Mesila Na’aleh (Yerushalayim)


Bais Yaakov (Be’er Sheva)
Neve Shalom (Ramle)
Sha arei Tzion (Ramle)
Esrog – Itri (Yerushalayim)
Ohrel (Yerushalayim)
Ateres Chaim (Kfar Saba)
Nesivos Moshe (Petach Tikva)
Nesivos Moshe (Rosh Ha’ayin)

3 Acheinu Yeshivos

Acheinu Yeshiva Gedola (Kiryat Sefer)
Acheinu Yeshiva LeTze irim
Acheinu Yeshiva Hakdosha