As Congress prepares to hold a monumental vote on the Iran nuclear deal, an estimated 500,000Jews around the world will participate in a historic “Day of Jewish Unity” on Tuesday, September 8, at which time they will pray for the safety and well-being of the Jewish nation.
If the Iran deal is approved in its present form, there is a prevailing sense that it would place the Jewish people in harm’s way and pose a grave threat to democracies worldwide. As a result, Jews across the religious spectrum will take part in this special global event by reciting Chapters 20 and 130 of Psalms anytime between the hours of 7am and 12pm EST on September 8. 
In conjunction with this extraordinary “Day of Jewish Unity,” a delegation of rabbis and community leaders will travel to Radin in Belarus on September 8 in order to pray at the grave of the Chofetz Chaim, who was the beloved and revered leader of world Jewry in pre-war Europe. 
At the same time as the delegation will be praying at the gravesite of this renowned rabbi and respected scholar, Jews throughout the world “” men, women and children of all ages, and of all backgrounds “” will join together to recite the two chapters of Psalms in an attempt to deflect the acute danger that would result from allowing Iran a path to obtain nuclear warheads.
“In times of crisis, Jews have historically turned to prayer, which has been the hallmark of our people for generations, in order to help them persevere and overcome the odds,” said Rabbi Motty Kroizer, international director of Acheinu, the organization coordinating this initiative. 
“With the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran looming large and the future of the Jewish nation at stake, there is a universal understanding that Jews must come together and rely on our faith in an effort to avert disaster. This is a time of crisis and we need to act together now.”
It is also noteworthy that the Congressional vote is scheduled to take place in proximity to the High Holidays, which are an appropriate time for repentance, reflection and prayer.
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