Upcoming 2nd Annual Monsey Parlor Meeting

It was over eight months ago that tens of thousands of people from all walks of life flocked to Bnei Brak to take part in the levaya of HaRav HaGaon Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, Zt”l.  Rav Michel Yehuda was one of the pillars of Torah of our generation.  His passing marked a huge loss for Klal Yisrael.


For the staff and children of Acheinu, the loss was all the more personal and tragic.  Rav Michel Yehuda was a champion of Acheinu and its children.  He was actively involved for many years until the very end of his life.  Even in failing health, he would rally to give chizuk and offer guidance. 


At Acheinu’s upcoming 2nd Annual Monsey Parlor Meeting, there will be a new, special audio-visual tribute presentation in tribute to Acheinu’s Nasi, HaRav HaGaon Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, Zt”l. 


In addition to this presentation, Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Shlita “”Morah D’asra Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin “” will address the audience.  This is a unique opportunity to interact with a renowned speaker in an intimate venue. 


Rabbi Lieff spoke recently at the Acheinu Lakewood Asifa, where he discussed Acheinu’s immeasurable contribution to the global Torah world. Hundreds of bnei Torah and baalei batim from Lakewood and other metropolitan area communities attended the Asifa, which immediately followed a major Dirshu siyum that drew throngs of lomdei Torah from throughout the region.


The upcoming parlor meeting event for the Monsey community begins at 8:00 PM and is being hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Yitzy Scheiner in their home at 22 Mariner Way on Thursday, March 1st.  A hot buffet will be served. 


The reception committee, whose members have generously committed their time to make this evening a success, include chashuve members of the Monsey community: Danny Breiner, Ephraim Finkelstein, Yitzy Fogel, Shaynah Gewirtzman, Leiby Grohman, Yisroel Hartman, Zvi Mermelstein, Yehuda Avrohom Most, David Newman, Yitzy Scheiner and Naftoli Silberberg.


Why have these individuals joined the Gedolei Yisroel in support of Acheinu?


The Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Dovid Schustal, shlita, recently said that Acheinu’s accomplishment can be summed up in its name: “Acheinu stands for brotherhood and achdus. We are all brothers and children of the same Father.”


Harav Schustal attributed Acheinu’s resounding success to its revolutionary approach to kiruv, where these distant youths are brought closer to yiddishkeit primarily through Torah, and not the more traditional kiruv methods of emotional get-togethers and the like. Acheinu runs three of its own yeshivas and is affiliated with over 30 additional suitable mosdos across Eretz Yisrael where they place boys and girls. Acheinu also runs ten “Batei Chizuk” youth centers that typically serve as the first step in the youths’ path to Yeshiva or Bais Yaakov. The result is boys and girls who have not only become frum, but lead fully committed Torah lives.


In the nearly two decades that Acheinu has been at the forefront of the kiruv world in Eretz Yisrael, the organization has earned renown for its unprecedented success rate, b’ezras Hashem. Approximately 10,000 boys and girls from very weak backgrounds were turned into devoted bnei Torah. This figure represents over 90% of the youths that have interacted with Acheinu.