Shachar’s Story

Shachar was born to a nonreligious Tel Aviv family. Shachar was born with a disabled right hand-he lacked four fingers. But nothing stopped him. He excelled in basketball and judo. He had everything: the latest toys and games, travel with his family, and entertainment.

One day he went to a seminar on Judaism with his mother. Three days later, he told her, “Now I know what I want to do in life.” His mother had a problem: She had just taken out a membership at a country club, which had cost her a fortune. She wanted him to put off his decision until after the membership ran out. Afterwards, they would talk it over.

But Shachar couldn”t wait. Slowly, taking care not to quarrel with his mother, he succeeded in convincing her to send him to a Talmud Torah. He entered at the tender age of nine! Shachar struggled, but he knew what he wanted. And slowly his family came around too.

As he matured, Shachar began writing his own Torah thoughts. He never allowed himself to be hindered by the missing fingers on his right hand. Shachar would write an entire page, and then, deeming it illegible, would throw out the page and start again. At 14, Shachar scored amazingly on a test covering over 50 pages of Gemarah! And Shachar kept growing.

A year ago, on the sixth of Kislev, Shachar passed away, overtaken by a devastating illness at the age of 21. It was his grieving mother who did the comforting, when visited by an Acheinu Activist during the Shiva. This was what she said:

“I”m happy. I”m happy that my son went up to Heaven complete, at the age of 21, after studying Torah. Woe to me if I hadn”t become religious. Then I would have had a child leave me at age 21 with what? With nothing!!

“But now, I”m calm. My son Shachar went up whole. Shachar returned to G-d innocent, pure and perfect. Thank you, Hakadosh Baruch Hu, that my son passed away as a righteous yeshiva bachur. “