Reports from the field,12/24/11

Shlomo Stein reports on a special meeting of four Israeli youngsters, encouraged by Harav Amnon Yitzchok and coordinated by Harav Chaim Goldberg of “Acheinu”:

Hundreds of Israeli youngsters gathered in the hall, where Harav Amnon Yitzchak satiated their thirst for Torah and inspired them to heed its words. Thunderous applause can be heard from the crowd as attendees accepted upon themselves to adhere to Shabbos, Tefillin, Tzitzis and other mitzvos.

A group of three friends told Harav Yitzchak that they would like to learn in Yeshiva. Harav Yitzchak never fails to follow up on good intentions and had them contact Harav Chaim Goldberg of Acheinu, who boasts unique expertise on the vast selection of Israeli Yeshivos. After several hours of talk, Harav Goldberg advised them to learn in Yeshiva Nezer Yisroel in Modiin Illit.

That evening, Reb Chaim accompanied the boys on their way to Yeshiva. During the long journey, the boys became apprehensive about what awaits them in Yeshiva. “Who will tend to our needs?,” they wondered. Reb Chaim comforted them, explaining, “Everyone is initially worried, but they’re pleasantly surprised when they see the warmth and love that awaits them.”

It is late at night and the boys arrive in Yeshiva. And guess who awaits them at the door, ready to arrange their dormitory lodging?

None other than Amos!

Amos was an old friend of the group, who served together with them in the military. Already back in those days, the four soldiers began strengthening themselves in their yiddishkeit and would learn Torah during their limited free time. They originally discovered the beauty of the Torah together and now found themselves in Yeshiva together!

The four Yeshiva bochurim will never forget the spontaneous dance that broke out at that moment”¦