Impact of Dirshu’s Daf Yomi Programs Felt at Acheinu Parlor Meeting in Five Towns

He started the lecture with a question.  If a person purchases land, it goes back to the original owner after Yovel.  Doesn’t this encourage someone to squeeze every last cent out of the property, regardless of the condition it is in when his time is up? 


He then asked a similar question about ownership of an Eved Ivri.  It would seem to be a poor deal for the owner.  After all, he is obligated to support the eved’s wife and children.  In addition, he must enable the Eved to live on the same level as himself.  For example, if the owner has only one pillow, he must offer it to the Eved before taking it for himself.  Why would one go to all the trouble?


Rabbi Orlofsky then challenged the audience with another question.  Ribbis “” accepting interest from another Jew “” is not allowed.  This seems designed to limit business.  Why would a person lend money without getting anything in return? 


His answer to these questions on related topics was that we are all connected.  When one helps another Jew, he is actually elevating himself and helping himself by strengthening the nation. Each one of us must feel a sense of achrayus to other Jews.  That is why one must ensure that the land is maintained for the next owner after Yovel and  why one needs to care for a Jew who fell on hard times and was forced to sell himself as an Eved Ivri.  How can one sleep comfortably on a pillow, while his brother does without?  Could a person charge his brother interest on a loan?


This is what Acheinu is all about, exclaimed Rabbi Orlofsky.  Acheinu has a 93% success rate of ensuring that thousands of children become and remain Shomrei Torah u’Mitzvos.  They enroll these children in Yeshiva, mentor them and remain close with them for many years.


Dr. Metz, who graciously hosted the event for Acheinu in his home, embodies this ideal described by Rabbi Orlofsky. 


Dr. Metz became acquainted with Acheinu through Dirshu.  Dirshu is a global organization with numerous learning programs designed to increase Torah learning and Kavod Shamayim.  Acheinu is the kiruv arm of Dirshu.  Dr. Metz has been taking Dirshu’s monthly test on Daf Yomi for four years. 


“Dirshu changed my life,” says Dr. Metz quietly. “It’s not easy to prepare 30 blatt Gemara each month.  My life revolves around the tests.  Each day, I try to review the Daf three or four times.  Then, I’ll spend a few days before the bechina preparing.  The brilliance of Dirshu is making the test hard enough to motivate, but not too hard that it leads to frustration.  There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction to accomplishing so much and I feel indebted to Dirshu.”


Hosting the parlor meeting for Acheinu was partially due to his feeling of hakaros hatov to Dirshu and Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter, the Nasi of Dirshu and founder of Acheinu.  However, he was equally impressed with Acheinu on its own merits. “Acheinu is genius,” says Dr. Metz.  “It’s a fabulous organization.” 


Rabbi Moshe Simcha Levine, Executive Director of Acheinu, was thankful for Dr. Metz’s involvement in Acheinu.  “The event was a tremendous success thanks to Dr and Mrs. Metz.  Their involvement will help Acheinu enroll more children in yeshivas and provide the support they need to become shomrei Torah Umitzos.”


 For dedication opportunities and more information, please contact Rabbi Levine at 718-412-3540 or visit 100% of your contribution will go directly to Israel to help an Acheinu child.