Dan The Frugal

Dan Cohen arrived in yeshiva with practically no knowledge of Torah and Judaism.  His family was far from being observant; but knowing what awaited their son in the secular schools, his parents decided to follow the advice of an Acheinu worker and send their son to a yeshiva in Bnei Brak.

Like thousands of other children who had weak backgrounds in Torah studies, Dan was given a tutor who took him under his wing and showered him with love.  With his mentor at his side, Dan advanced in his Gemara studies.  He was awarded small monetary prizes to spur him on.

With time, Dan was amassing more and more in prize money.  But the Acheinu mentor was concerned with what appeared to be Dan”s extreme frugality.  Why was Dan hoarding his shekels, not even allowing himself an occasional candy bar? Was Dan exhibiting problems with stinginess?

When confronted by the mentor on the subject of his thriftiness, Dan”s answer was surprising and touching: “I am saving my money with good reason! I”m going to buy my mother a scarf -so when I go home for Shabbos, she”ll be able to cover her head.”

That very afternoon, the mentor had his wife buy a pretty white headscarf, and presented it to the overjoyed Dan.

But this is not the end of Dan”s story.  Some weeks later, the mentor noticed that Dan was still saving every agurah.  This from the incredulous mentor to Dan -“Your mother already has a scarf! Why are you still saving?!”

“Rav, you are right,” explained Dan.  “But now I”m saving up to buy my father a shaver because I learned that one may not use a razor. ” But the Rav doesn”t have to buy me one,” he hastily added, ” I”ve already saved enough money!”