Shachar’s Story

Shachar was born to a nonreligious Tel Aviv family. Shachar was born with a disabled right hand-he lacked four fingers. But nothing stopped him. He excelled in basketball and judo. He had everything: the latest toys and games, travel with his family, and entertainment.

Eliran Boruchov

Eliran Boruchov was a precocious eighth grader in the Chinuch Atzmai School in Ramle.
His completely irreligious parents David and Nurit had originally enrolled him in the school because they were convinced by an activist that the schoo’s secular studies program was the best in the area and it was free of violence.

The Tears of HaGaon HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz zt”l

The Nasi of Acheinu, HaGaon HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz zt”l, always makes himself available to offer daas Torah for the kiruv queries asked of him by Acheinu. The following story illustrates Rav Lefkowitz”s close bond with Acheinu and its charges. Yaakov, a bachur from an irreligious, somewhat traditional family, was a boy with exemplary middos […]

Hashem’s Children

Acheinu Activist Shmuel Horowitz was a man on a mission. He was on his way to Cholon to speak to a salon owner about registering his two sons aged 13 and 11, in a religious dormitory.

Dan The Frugal

Dan, upon advice of an Acheinu worker enrolls in a yeshiva.

A Monumental Struggle

Raised in a chiloni (non-religious) environment, David was almost completely ignorant of Judasim. Virtually everything he learned about his religion was gleaned from his sister who had become a ba’alas teshuva.