“Batei Chizuk” Youth Centers

F1020036 Batei Chizuk
An initial spark is kindled, but how can it be fanned into a flame?

Acheinu’s innovative Bais Hachizuk Youth centers – a critical breakthrough in kiruv – operate in a number of communities in Eretz Yisrael. Bais Hachizuk offer after-school programs in a relaxed atmosphere for teenagers, offering support and knowledge from those capable of providing it to tender, young souls parched from thirst for the emes.

Acheinu opened its first Bais HaChizuk in Yerushalayim. After school, teens started coming to the center and were taught Torah in a way that spoke to them and their world. It was unadulterated Torah transmitted by receptive and devoted avreichim who understood their world and what their neshamos needed.

Twenty-eight completely secular teens who were attending public schools had decided to come for a short after-school program in Yerushalayim. Amazingly, eighteen of them are now enrolled in yeshivos. The Bais HaChizuk in Yerushalayim was so successful that it brought in its path 16 others that have opened in Tel Aviv, Cholon, Beit Shemesh and other communities.

Acheinu’s Batei Chizuk/Youth Centers:
Beit Shemesh
Bnei Brak – Ohr Dovid
Bar Ilan University
Ohr Akiva
Ganei Tikvah
Yerushalayim – Ohr Hachaim
Beit Yam
Be’er Sheva