Bachurim in Acheinu Yeshiva to be Tested on the Entire Masechta Kesubos

Bachurim in Acheinu Yeshiva to be Tested on the Entire Masechta Kesubos

By Yosef Sosnow

“These talmidim did not even know what a Gemara was two years ago and now they have learned all 113 blatt of Masechta Kesubos and are ready to be tested on the entire Masechta from cover to cover! If this isn’t a miraculous manifestation of the fulfillment of the passuk, ‘v’heishiv lev avos al bonim,’ I am not sure what is!”

Those were the words of Rav Ariel Elbaz, R”M at Acheinu’s Yeshiva Hakedosha in Yerushalayim, describing the upcoming test that will be taken by more than 45 bachurim in the yeshiva next week.

“The yeshiva caters to sixty bachurim who were completely non-observant until two years ago. Through Acheinu’s network of battei chizuk these teenagers have not only become Torah observant baalei teshuva, they are on their way to becoming talmidei chachomim,” Rav Elbaz said.

HaGaon HaRav Avrohom Yitzchok Kook, shlita, To Administer Test

The test will be held at Acheinu’s Yeshiva Hakedosha in Yerushalayim and the special guests who are scheduled to conduct the test will be, HaGaon HaRav Avrohom Yitzchok Hakohein Kook, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Me’or Hatalmud in Rechovot, Rav Dovid Hofstedter, Nasi of Dirshu (the umbrella organization of which Acheinu is the kiruv arm) and Rav Zev Hofstedter, Rosh Yeshiva of Acheinu’s Yeshiva Hakedosha.

Showing Parents Their Children’s Accomplishments

One of the features of the grand test will be the fact that all of the parents of the talmidim will be in attendance. Rav Elbaz explains that the parents who are not observant often do not realize what their children are accomplishing in yeshiva. This grand farher where the bachurim are tested publically on over 100 blatt Gemara provides the families with a tremendous feeling of nachas and accomplishment as they see that their children have accomplished a tremendous amount and great Rabbanim have even come to hail their accomplishments.

Two years ago, a similar siyum was made by the talmidim on Masechta Sukkah. At the siyum, one of the most powerful speeches was given by Shaul Maimon, President of the

Chevel Ha’aretz Company. Mr. Maimon is a successful businessman. His son learned in the yeshiva at the time and was one of the bachurim who made a siyum. Mr. Maimon spoke openly about how it was initially very difficult for him when his son became religious but, “Now,” he explained, “I cannot tell you how happy we are and how proud we are of him! He illuminates our entire home. The light that he brings is the light of Torah. It was missing from our home. If I would have known before what the Yeshiva does, I would have sent all of my children here!”

True Heroes!

“The bachurim in Acheinu’s Yeshiva Hakedosha are true heroes!” exclaimed Rav Elbaz. “Every Shabbos, every Yom Tov, they are faced with nisyonos as they go home to their parents. They are taught to have the utmost derech eretz for their parents, while they must at the same time observe Shabbos and kashrus in an environment where these things cannot be taken for granted.

“There is no way to depict the degree of progress made by these bachurim over such a short period other than to realize that it is a divine smile, a tremendous manifestation of siyatta diShmaya that defies description,” said Rabbi Yisrael Layush of Acheinu.

“Certainly our staff is amazingly devoted. In addition to the twelve maggidei shiur and mashgichim we have tens of avreichim who learn with the bachurim and are devoted to them with their hearts and souls. The hallmark of Acheinu is constant accompaniment and monitoring. Dealing with problems when they are still small before they become large.

“Nevertheless, for these boys to finish the e

ntire Masechta Kesubos in one year to the extent that they can be tested on the entire masechta is nothing short of a miracle!” remarked Rabbi Layush.

When observing the deep respect and love that these secular parents gain for their children after seeing their success in Torah one realizes that these wonderful boys are embody the fulfillment of the passuk, “v’Heishiv lev avos al bonim!”

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