Acheinu Lecture Held in Flatbush

On Wednesday, November 18th, world renowned lecturer Rabbi Paysach Krohn delivered a special presentation on parenting. The event was held in Flatbush at the Agudah of Avenue L, BaisBinyomen.  The program, entitled “Chinuch, Children and Communication “” A Way to “C” Parenting”, contained ideas, techniques and inspiration for parents to improve communication with their children in order to help them achieve their full potential.

The event was emceed by Rabbi Noach Haller, the Executive Director of Acheinu, the organization which sponsored the event.  Rabbi Haller spoke briefly about the work of Acheinu and the importance of becoming a Parnes Hayom sponsor.

Rabbi Krohn shares a long history with Acheinu.  He has lectured at past Acheinu events and has traveled to Eretz Yisroel to personally witness the organization’s activities first-hand.

In fact, Rabbi Krohn opened his lecture with a moving story from his own experiences with the children of Acheinu.   During his tour of one of Acheinu’s Batei Chizuk in Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Krohn met a teenage boy who revealed that he was a star soccer player.  As he shared his stories of past sports victories, he pulled out a portable DVD player and showed the Rabbi a clip of his winning goal in his recent championship match.  They watched together on the little screen as his teammates lifted him up on their shoulders at the conclusion of the game and as the fans rose to their feet in celebration. The boy excitedly recounted that moment and then stated emphatically, “The euphoria of that moment does not match the joy of learning Torah!”

For over fifteen years, Acheinu has rescued nearly 7,500 vulnerable children by utilizing its unique kiruv approach of mentoring, enrollment and follow-up, to ensure that each student they place in Torah schools feels comfortable and equipped to excel. With an astonishing success rate of 93%, Acheinu schools and Batei Chizuk across Eretz Yisroel have helped children grow into lifelong Bnei Torah.  Acheinu works under the auspices of our Gedolei Hador “” specifically Hagaon HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, Shlita, who serves as Nasi.

For further information about Acheinu’s work, please contact Rabbi Noach Haller at Acheinu’s U.S. office at 877-5-ACHEINU, ext. 5141.