Acheinu Batei Chizuk Staff in the Field

Each year, hundreds of Acheinu children wait with bated breath to hear if they have been accepted into the yeshiva of their dreams. No less anxious than the boys, their Acheinu kiruv workers wonder if all their many months of hard work with the boys and their parents will come to fruition with an acceptance notice.

After an outreach worker has succeeded in getting a bachur to agree to go to a yeshiva, choosing which yeshiva that he should go to is a tremendously important decision, as misplacements can result in spiritual decline. “Placing a boy or girl in a yeshiva is an incomparably difficult job,” one experienced outreach worker told us. “Placement has been one of Acheinu”s biggest challenges.”

This Sivan, the Acheinu outreach workers in charge of Acheinu’s Batei Chizuk are fanning out to visit the top yeshivos and lay the groundwork needed to pave the way for the eventual enrollment of their precious talmidim. Commitment to the boys is one reason why the Acheinu program has enjoyed a 95% success rate.

The recent yeshiva visits included a tour and meetings of Rav Amit’s yeshiva in Kiryat Malachi as well as the Acheinu Yeshiva HaKedosha where they met with Rav Ariel Elbaz. During the course of the visit, Acheinu kiruv workers discussed the progress of the many Acheinu boys already enrolled in the yeshivos, to ensure their continued success in limud HaTorah. The day culminated with a dinner at which Rav Binyomin Finkel and Rav Yerachmiel Krum delivered welcome advice and divrei chizuk.