About Us

Acheinu, the Kiruv arm of Dirshu, has brought thousands of Jewish youth back to Yiddishkeit. Acheinu’s multi-faceted programs are showing thousands of boys and girls the beauty of Torah.

In the past 13 years, our 3-Step System of Mentoring, Enrollment & Continued Follow-Up has helped over 5,400 children to integrate into the yeshiva system and to develop into genuine Bnei Torah.

Our programs include:

Acheinu Yeshivos
Acheinu has 3 of its own yeshivos called Yeshivas Acheinu. Additionally, Acheinu is affiliated with 34 other yeshivos where it sends its charges.

Battei Chizuk
Acheinu has battei chizuk in strategic locations across Eretz Yisrael where Jewish youths can come to learn elementary aspects of Yiddishkeit.

Kiruv Conference
Acheniu’s Annual Kiruv Conference brings together kiruv experts from across the globe to share and disseminate ideas and methods of kiruv.