A Monumental Struggle

A Monumental Struggle

Among the finest and most accomplished talmidim in his yeshiva, David is a model student. It is all the more remarkable then, that David grew up in a non-religious family. His parents, who owned and ran a large and successful monument business together, sent David to be educated in non-religious schools. Raised in a chiloni (non-religious) environment, David was almost completely ignorant of Judasim. Virtually everything he learned about his religion was gleaned from his sister who had become a ba’alas teshuva.

That was until David heard about Acheinu.

Listening to an ad on Israeli radio one day, David learned all about a fascinating organization called Acheinu. Spurred to action, David contacted the organization for guidance on becoming religious. Responding quickly to David’s eagerness, Acheinu provided David with an avreich (a kollel yungerleit) to teach him Torah after school during the ensuing months.

As he became more involved in Torah learning, David developed an ardent desire to study Torah in a real yeshiva. Unfortunately, David’s father, unable to understand his son’s rejection of his own values, adamantly refused to financially or emotionally support David’s newfound concentration on Torah learning or even his secular studies.

Going on the offensive, the determined father even turned to an uncle of David’s  the host of a television talk show. David’s father and uncle waged a public war against the Yeshiva and  David’s decision to attend.

In the face of such a concentrated attack, even the avreich from Acheinu who was supporting David in his spiritual growth was uncertain if David was prepared for the rigors of attending Yeshiva full time. Determined to succeed and to follow the path that he had chosen for himself, David  at 16 years old  went for his entrance exam to Yeshiva Nachalat HaTorah. (Yeshiva Nachalat HaTorah enrolls many children of avreichim as students.)

Thanks to his own determination and months of tutoring and support from a dedicated team of Acheinu professionals  in the face of unrelenting and harsh criticism David was accepted into the Yeshiva and he studies there today.
His enrollment was another victory for Acheinu, for David, and for Klal Yisrael. Today, Acheinu staff members maintain their contact with David  watching proudly as he grows in Torah and Yiddishkeit everyday.